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Follow-up from Margaret Dailey-Plouffe's talk

Margaret Dailey-Plouffe gave us 2 web sites to look at:
Her travel company Heatherington & Associates
For Quatre-vents
and two books to think about:
The Greater Perfection by Francis H Cabot
In a Canadian Garden by Nicole Eaton and Hilary Weston, photography by Freeman Patterson


May 25th - Hon. Marjory LeBreton
The Senate

Senator LeBreton retired from the Senate last year after 22 years in the ‘Red Chamber’. From 2006 to 2013 she held the position of Leader of the Government in the Senate and, in the Cabinet, also served as Secretary of State for Seniors. During her time in the Senate she sat on over a dozen Standing Committees including Human Rights and Foreign Affairs.

Before being called to the Senate, Ms LeBreton worked closely with three Prime Ministers - John Diefenbaker, Joe Clark and Brian Mulroney.

Marjory will talk about the institution and its importance to Canada.


June 22nd - Prof. Ian Lee
Economic issues

Ian Lee, Ph.D, is an Assistant Professor at the Sprott School of Business, Carleton University. He is a regular panellist on CBC and a member of the ‘Lunch Bunch’ on CFRA.

An engaging speaker, he can bring economic issues to life. Using public data, much of it from Statistics Canada, he can shine a spotlight on some of the dubious economics that are presented to us as facts.

His focus for our talk will be on an issue of the day.

We are a 'Combined' Club. We meet on the 4th Wednesday of the month (except December - 2nd Wednesday). Meetings begin at 10:00 with a few minutes of announcements and then a speaker. Members start to arrive about 9:30 for coffee, cookies and chat (tea, Tim-bits and talk).

Meetings are at:

Gloucester Presbyterian Church
91 Pike Street

Pike Street runs north from Hunt Club just west of Conroy. The church is at the corner of Lorry Greenberg and Pike. Parking lot entrances are off Pike.

 PROBUS' Vital Purpose …

... to stimulate thought, interest and participation in activities at a time in life when it is easy to become complacent and self-centred.

Guests and Visitors from other Clubs are welcome.

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