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January22nd - Jamie Doolittle
Probus - Past, Present and Future

Jamie is the Probus Canada Vice-president and is into his second three-year term as our Rep on the Probus Canada Board (we are in Ontario District #1)
When he was elected in District #1 he made it his mandate to visit every Probus Club in his area. We are the furthest from his home, in Coburg, and one of the few remaining Clubs on his list.

"We are not alone!" - well, we knew that but our interaction with other Clubs is limited to the "Spring Fling", Newsletter exchange and District Meetings (a get-together of Presidents, who are usually accompanied by one or two other Management Committee members). Jamie will bring us a picture of the wider world of Probus and how Probus is developing and growing.


February 25th - John Foster
Canada, Oil & World Politics

John will give us an insight into the role of petroleum in recent conflicts. The key players are oil-producing countries and pipeline transit countries (in Canada's case - Provinces). Looking at major powers and allies he will explore military interventions, tensions around sea routes, and economic sanctions. He will outline the jockeying for control of the world’s oil and gas, the ongoing rivalry among global and regional countries, each pursuing its own interests.

Drawing on his book, Oil and World Politics, he will turn the spotlight on petroleum-related actions that are rarely discussed publicly.

Johnson Insurance

We have added a link to the Johnson Insurance web site (see "Links" page).
Johnson provides competitive rates for Probus members for all kinds of insurance, particularly travel insurance.


Guests and Visitors from other Clubs are welcome.

We are a 'Combined' Club. We meet on the 4th Wednesday of the month (except December - 2nd Wednesday). Meetings begin at 10:00 with a few minutes of announcements and then a speaker. Members start to arrive about 9:30 for coffee, cookies and chat (tea, Tim-bits and talk).

Meetings are at:

Gloucester Presbyterian Church
91 Pike Street

Pike Street runs north from Hunt Club just west of Conroy. The church is at the corner of Lorry Greenberg and Pike. Parking lot entrances are off Pike.


 PROBUS' Vital Purpose …

... to stimulate thought, interest and participation in activities at a time in life when it is easy to become complacent and self-centred.

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