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April 26th - Brock Godfrey
Canadian Anti-fraud Centre

Brock took early retirement in 1993 from the Ontario Ministry of Education, after 30 year career. He joined PhoneBusters in 1997 as a Volunteer SeniorBuster.

He gives presentations to Service Clubs, Retirees, Police, Seniors and Professional Groups, across all of Southern Ontario, and from Maui to Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia. He received the Superintendent's Award of Distinction from the RCMP for his work in making presentations about fraud across the province.

Brock will give us a two-part talk.
Mass Marketing Fraud and Cybercrime Awareness.
A presentation covering Mass Marketing Fraud, Identity Theft, Romance and other scams – and how to avoid them. Nearly 80% of mass marketing fraud is conducted by organized crime groups and is currently the second most common criminal activity funding terrorist activities.
Passwords and Beyond.
A presentation on computer security with the emphasis on passwords - how to create, record, and remember them. Also, a look at Anti-Virus software and future advances in computer security


May 24th Doug Ward
Public Broadcasting & Food Security

A former regional director of the CBC Northern Service, Doug has been honoured with the Order of Canada for his contribution to radio broadcasting and food security in developing countries.

After a 30 year career with the CBC, Doug was recruited to join the board of directors of Farm Radio International (FRI), a not-for-profit organization established to help the world’s poorest farmers gain access to much-needed agricultural information. Ward joined FRI’s board in 2000 and soon became its chair, a position that he has held ever since.

Take a look at www.farmradio.org

Check out the 'Spring Fling' page (map added 2 April 2017)

We are a 'Combined' Club. We meet on the 4th Wednesday of the month (except December - 2nd Wednesday). Meetings begin at 10:00 with a few minutes of announcements and then a speaker. Members start to arrive about 9:30 for coffee, cookies and chat (tea, Tim-bits and talk).

Meetings are at:

Gloucester Presbyterian Church
91 Pike Street

Pike Street runs north from Hunt Club just west of Conroy. The church is at the corner of Lorry Greenberg and Pike. Parking lot entrances are off Pike.

 PROBUS' Vital Purpose …

... to stimulate thought, interest and participation in activities at a time in life when it is easy to become complacent and self-centred.

Guests and Visitors from other Clubs are welcome.

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