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September 27th - Kay Rogers
Tay Valley Settlement History

In modern terms the Tay Valley is either side of the Highway 7 between Perth and Sharbot Lake. To 300 Scottish settlers who had spent their first Canadian winter -1815/1816 - in Brockville, it was a new home in the wilderness. Each group of four families received the necessary tools and implements with which to start 'life in the bush' - a  grindstone, a crosscut and a whip saw. Each family received an adze, handsaw, drawing knife, one shell augur, two gimlets, door-lock and hinges, scythe and snath, reaping-hook, two hoes, hay fork, skillet camp kettle, and a blanket for each of its members.

The greater number of these Scottish immigrants settled on what is still known today as the Scotch Line (County Road 10) in the geographic township of Bathurst, now part of Tay Valley Township

Kay Rogers is the editor and co-author of At Home in Tay Valley. With more than 60 contributors, At Home in Tay Valley captures the voices, stories, images, circumstances, and events that have defined the lives of those who have called Tay Valley home - from members of the Algonquin First Nation who helped the early settlers survive and adapt to a new land, to the “back-to the-landers” of the 1970s.

October 25th - Dr. Melanie Morin-Pelletier

Dr. Morin-Pelletier is the Historian, War and Society at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa. She is the author of Briser les ailes de l'ange: Les infirmieres militaires canadiennes (1914-1918) and has published multiple articles on Canadian military nursing and on the impact of the war on the Canadian homefront.

Since joining the Canadian War Museum in 2012, she has curated the major exhibitions: Fighting in Flanders. Gas. Mud. Memory(2014), and Vimy: Beyond the Battle (2017). Her current research interests focus on human experiences of the war, whether on the battlefield, in military hospitals or on the homefront.


Guests and Visitors from other Clubs are welcome.

We are a 'Combined' Club. We meet on the 4th Wednesday of the month (except December - 2nd Wednesday). Meetings begin at 10:00 with a few minutes of announcements and then a speaker. Members start to arrive about 9:30 for coffee, cookies and chat (tea, Tim-bits and talk).

Meetings are at:

Gloucester Presbyterian Church
91 Pike Street

Pike Street runs north from Hunt Club just west of Conroy. The church is at the corner of Lorry Greenberg and Pike. Parking lot entrances are off Pike.

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